#TKA20 Twitter Pitch Results! – June 29, 2016

*Disclaimer: This list is not an official list and is not in collaboration with TKA. This is just a book blogger/writer making life easier for you to get inside agents’ heads as I try and do the same.* I love me some Twitter Pitch Contests, and #TKA20 was no exception! The Knight Agency (TKA) was established by Diedre … More #TKA20 Twitter Pitch Results! – June 29, 2016

#PitchBFB Results! – Jan Twitter Pitch Contest

I’m happy to announce the winners for the Twitter Pitch Contest #PitchBFB hosted by independent publisher Book Fish Books on January 13th from 7AM – 7PM EST. The rules for this pitch contest were 3 pitches allowed per project, and seeking only MG, YA, and NA novels. Prizes (Copied from Book Fish Books site): –If we … More #PitchBFB Results! – Jan Twitter Pitch Contest

4 Tips to a Stellar Twitter Pitch

After the overwhelming interest in 4 Tips to a Stellar First Chapter, I’ve made this complimentary post upon request. Now, the reason I got a publisher’s feedback on how to shape up my first chapter was because I first won a Twitter Pitch Contest. This just show the benefit of winning a Twitter Pitch Contest that … More 4 Tips to a Stellar Twitter Pitch

#PitchCB Feb26&27 Results!

This is a follow-up post to the last #PitchCB in January. Last month’s results showed a clear tendency for CB favorites to be for Thriller/Mysteries from “near to UK” geographically-based authors. I’m very curious to see if this trend continues, because last month’s prize was for Discovery Day, which was an in-person pitch event in … More #PitchCB Feb26&27 Results!

#PitchCB Jan 29 – Winning Tweets!

Another great Twitter Pitch Contest! I enjoy #PitchCB because they are a bit more selective in their favorites, thus they have the capability to offer more interesting prizes. This time the prize for being one of their ten favorite tweets was a ticket to #DiscoveryDay, which is described as below on the Curtis Brown Website: … More #PitchCB Jan 29 – Winning Tweets!

#PitchMAS 2015 Results!

I’m happy to provide you this tidy list of winning tweets for #PitchMAS! If you’re not sure what #PitchMAS is, I’ll explain. There are a few Twitter Pitch contests each year, with #PitMad and #SFFPit being among the largest. Authors will write a short pitch of their novel, small enough to squeeze into a tiny tweet with … More #PitchMAS 2015 Results!

#PitchCB Results!

Did you miss Twitter’s #PitchCB? That’s okay, here’s a summary of today’s winning pitches and discussions! Theme: #DiscoveryDay #PitchCB : 9AM – 1PM (London Time).  Winning Pitches: @AlissiaBee; Liked by Curtis Brown Agent: Emma Herdman Imagine discovering a furnished house in Dulwich. A secret setting for an affair in the 70s. It was abandoned. You need … More #PitchCB Results!

What is High Concept and Why Do Agents Want It?

A “high concept” story already sounds intimidating and difficult to achieve, but when you look at the definition, it’s really not so bad. The Definition High Concept: A story which can be explained using a single sentence. (Source) That’s it! Doesn’t sound so bad, does it? But to help you understand, here are some examples: … More What is High Concept and Why Do Agents Want It?

4 Essential Writing Resources Every Writer Should Use

This blog is primarily aimed at sharing the resources and tips I stumble upon as I develop in my writing career. I’m constantly trying to find ways to share what I’ve learned with you in an easy-to-read format. That’s why I published a writing guide and have been humbled by how many of you have reached out to … More 4 Essential Writing Resources Every Writer Should Use