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Genre: Fantasy
Temporary Cover
Draft Status: Undergoing Rewrite!
Edit Status: Pending Draft
Publication Status: Pending Revision

          The pebbles gave way to smooth roads as I neared Mid-way’s Centre. Dark ground beneath my feet shimmered like heated oil. Amoura was a living thing, not like the dead soil the humans trod upon. The aethyre formed the ground and the sky and everything the Dwellers hold dear. It wasn’t just a substance. It was life itself. At least, it was life for us.

     The Dwellers could construct any form they chose by manipulating aethyre. Some took decades to master the talent of manipulating aethyre to form into grand architectures and venues. The most beautiful works of human art could never compare.

     Even though Mid-way was not considered a city, at least it had a number of talented constructs to make it more suitable to my tastes. After all, Lilith had to reside here on occasion. It would be obscene to force her presence into anything less. There was at least some perks to being a favorite of an elder like Lilith.

     Stepping into a fog of Shadow, I pushed the door to the blackened cathedral. It fizzed and melted holes under my fingers. I snarled and jerked away.

  Muttering curses under my breath, I squirmed through the tight opening, being careful not to let my bulky torso contact the agitated black mists.

     To add to my decaying mood, a ray of glaring light flashed into my eyes the moment I had entered the main chamber. Great, Lysander was here too.

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