#PitchCB Feb26&27 Results!

This is a follow-up post to the last #PitchCB in January. Last month’s results showed a clear tendency for CB favorites to be for Thriller/Mysteries from “near to UK” geographically-based authors. I’m very curious to see if this trend continues, because last month’s prize was for Discovery Day, which was an in-person pitch event in the UK. (Click here to read Jan’s results posting with details.) I don’t know if that influenced their choice in favorites, so let’s find out how this month went.

Since this event spanned two days, it was a bit more difficult to track down favorites. This list is generated by the live Twitter feed and is not intended to be an official record.

For this contest, it looks like we only had one agent keeping an eye out for Twitter pitches. And this contest ran simultaneously with Discovery Day. While exciting, I do think it limited the amount of time CB could spend on Twitter. That or they just didn’t see much they liked. While picky given that there were hundreds of pitches, that’s completely allowable!

Favorited by Rebecca Ritchie (@Becky_Ritchie1)

Abby hears voices. Abby sees things. Abby is crazy. But Abby isn’t who she thinks, nor is her reality. Now Abby is being hunted.
 England, United Kingdom

What’s the most important thing you can leave your child after you’re dead? Louise leaves her daughter a letter telling the truth

Sadly, that’s all I could find in the mass of Twitter. If you know of any winning pitches I missed please let me know by leaving a comment. I’m pretty sad if this is all there is!!

To recap from last month’s #PitchCB, we’re still running along the same theme. These favorites all line up with Thriller/Mystery type genre and the authors are based in the UK.

I’m fine with the genre prejudice, but CB is an international company. I’d love to know why they’re exclusively favoriting Londoners. I tweeted Rebecca if she considers non-UK based authors. Here is the exchange:

Hello Rebecca! I hope Discovery Day hasn’t been too bad! Quick question. Do you consider non-UK based authors for ?

yes, is a worldwide venture so do join in wherever you are!
It was very kind of Rebecca to reply since I know how busy she is! She also participated in Discovery Day so I can’t even imagine.
CB’s pitch summary declares they are interested in all genres, and this tweet clarifies that they intend it to be an international event. While some clear trends exist, don’t let this stop you from participating! In January there was one US favorite, so it does happen.
See you again next month for #PitchCB!

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