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Valkyrie Allegiance Trilogy

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First Law of the Valkyrie… Don’t Fall in Love. 

Book 1: Valkyrie Landing (READ FREE!)

Book 2: Valkyrie Rebellion

Book 3: Valkyrie Uprising

Summary: A Valkyrie poses as a student in a human high school and falls in love with the soul she’s supposed to reap

The Celestial Downfall Trilogy

An award-winning fantasy series that’ll make you question everything you thought you knew about angels and magic…

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Ajflowers 1 K-402x640Read Fallen to Grace for Free!

The Celestial Downfall Trilogy is also available in Audiobook Format!

New to Audible? Get Fallen to Grace for Free!

Awards for Fallen to Grace:

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A Celestial Downfall Standalone Novel
Manor Saffron

Delve into the origin story of Manor Saffron … the only novel that reveals a Celestial Downfall Secret you’ll want to uncover!banner-820x320

The Dweller Series

Buy Soul Bound Now!



Boxed Sets

Celestial Downfall: The Complete Trilogy




The Ancient Realms Collection

Awards: The Last Oracle received praise from the Writers of the Future

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Get 17 Bonus Stories when you buy the entire collection!BookBrushImage-2019-7-8-6-4411

Short Story



Non-Fiction Writing Guides


A Guide to Writing Your First Novel

The journey of writing your first novel doesn’t need to be filled with frustration and mistakes. This guide does the legwork for you to give an overview of everything you need to know to get started by people who have been there. What should you consider before writing? How do you approach the first draft? How do you approach edits? What sells a book to agents? How can you make connections in the writing and publishing community? Should you self-publish? This guide answers all these questions and more with a comprehensive compilation from start to finish.

Audiobook Guide Front CoverNarrate & Produce Your Own Audiobook
This Guide Includes:
• Understanding Self-Narration versus Hiring a Narrator
• PFH Explained, how many hours it really takes to make one “finished hour” of audio
• Equipment: A complete list of the equipment you’ll need to get started
• Recording: Best practices and equipment settings
• Editing and Post Processing: Detailed explanation of everything you need to know to polish your audio
• Handy Process Checklist that you can refer to any time you feel lost
• Explanation of the Technical Requirements Your Audio Needs to Have and How to achieve it
• Marketing: A brief overview of how to market your finished audiobook

41ttZqnsOzL.jpgWrite a Book a Month

Learn the simple secrets of how fantasy fiction author A.J. Flowers went from writing and publishing a single book a year, to a book a month! Oh, and that’s while keeping the day job.

This guide is broken up into five major sections. I’m not going to elaborate on the Pomodoro method or other such things you’ve probably already read about before. I’m here to tell you about my process in succinct, easy-to-understand terms. This guide is roughly 13,000 words long and is intentionally short. Becoming a prolific writer is not a complicated process and you don’t need 90,000 words of advice. You don’t need charts, workbooks, or a massive web of information to reach this goal. What you need is outlined all in one place.

• How to Build a Foundation and How Your Foundation Impacts Prolific Writing

• How to Write 1,000 Words in 15-Minutes

• How You Can Form Productive Habits With Your Existing Schedule

• How an Author Team Can Help You Manage and How To Find Yours

This guide is for serious authors looking to expand or improve your writing process. Whether you are working on your first book, or you’re ten books down the road, this guide is for you!

AJ’s Work in Literature Magazines:

Bards & Sages Quarterly (July 2016) “The Drowned Prince”

Bards & Sages Quarterly (January 2017) “Castle Burberry’s Curse”

Bards & Sages Quarterly (January 2018) “Wiersbiel”

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2 thoughts on “AJ’s Books

  1. Your writing style has saved my sanity. I spend most of my life in hell (pain) which means hospital to home. Home to bed to chair. Pain. Then I found your books. I don’t care where I am when I’m lost in your stories.
    Thank you from the bottom of my feet and through to my soul. (Family saying) You are not just an author, you are a saviour also.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, Wendy, that is the kindest thing anyone has ever said to me. I am so sorry to hear about your pain and you are in my prayers. I am so grateful that I can offer a small kindness through my stories. Thank you for letting me know you enjoy my work and I hope I can get more stories done soon. I write every day! Thank you for adding to the reasons why I write, and why I love to share my stories with others. Feel better soon!!!


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