#TKA20 Twitter Pitch Results! – June 29, 2016

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*Disclaimer: This list is not an official list and is not in collaboration with TKA. This is just a book blogger/writer making life easier for you to get inside agents’ heads as I try and do the same.*

I love me some Twitter Pitch Contests, and #TKA20 was no exception! The Knight Agency (TKA) was established by Diedre Knight in 1996 and has had authors featured in New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Los Angeles Times, to name a few.

If you have no idea what a Twitter Pitch Contest is, or why one should participate, I recommend you read this introductory post.

This agency is hot, and to celebrate their 20 year anniversary they have held their very first Twitter Pitch Contest! (Details from the agency’s website here.) I hope there will be more, because this is a great opportunity to consistently get a feel of what specific agents are looking for, and I know a lot of authors want to know what’s a hit or miss with TKA.

I’m changing up how I present Twitter Pitch results. Instead of just listing out all the favorited tweets I can find, I’m compiling the stats and a handful of pitches, keeping those shown here at 10 or less per agent. Of course this information is just by what I can unearth on Twitter and I know I’m going to be missing some tweets, so there’s that. But it takes me 2 days so hey, I saved you lots of time!

As always, I’ll still include my analysis of these winning pitches at the end. Hopefully this will be easier for you to understand your dream agents!

Did you get a favorite? Congratulations! Now, hold your horses. Expected response times were tweeted:

 We’ll all be jumping on these ASAP, but allow 6-8 weeks before following up. We shall be reading fiends. 🙂 
I find this a very reasonable amount of reply time given the huge influx of queries they’re likely going to be dealing with. I queried TKA twice in 2015 and received a response within a week, so they’re definitely fast on the response time.

Tweets Favorited by @DeidreKnight


Total Fav’d Tweets Analyzed = 136 *Note: Deidre claims to have favorited 142 pitches, so I missed a few!*

And there was also a shocking and awesome+inspiring announcement from Deidra the day after the contest:

One of the 142 just received an accepted an offer of representation! The first one I read. @JenniferBolmer Congrats to 
That winning tweet was:
The Unseelie prince has become a traitor to protect the world’s worst chosen one. All’s faerie in love and civil war. 
Contrats to Grant!!!
Now the stats (Tweets include clickable links):

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 7.18.46 PM


Alia didn’t think winged men existed, until she met one on a mission to save his people. Without her, their worlds will burn.  

His family kills monsters on TV, but at 17yo, he wants out. Siren knows a way, but only if he protects her from his parents 

PAPER TOWNS meets IMAGINARY GIRLS when Lauren loses her sister on a semi-illegal trip to a creepy town under the lake.  
After a mystical diary gives an author power to blur fantasy and reality, she must help her own broken hero set both worlds right  
 Firefly with magic: an assassin has to take down the Empire that killed his friends and kidnapped the guy he loves.   
There’s an old saying that absolute power corrupts absolutely. But they got it wrong. It isn’t power that corrupts… Secrets do. 
 Aristocratic Pagan revivalists threaten the monarchy of 18th C England. It is up to a Duke and his engineers to save the Empire.
When Apollo saves a girl who got roofied, he doesn’t expect to fall for her. Or that she’s the pawn in the family game. 
 TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE + THE STAND An asteroid. An apocalyptic Midwest. A mother who needs to find a way back to her family.
 In a world where male babies have ceased to be born, Ro fights to protect a secret baby boy from an evolved all-female race.
AJ Commentary on Diedra Knight:

I’m really surprised how many tweets Diedra took on. That’s really amazing. And by already accepting a client the day following the Twitter event, she meant business! This is where Twitter Pitch Contests present a truly unique opportunity. Hosting a pitch contest, especially when it’s a first-ever for the agency means that there’s some “hunger” and you’re going to want to show up to the party with something delicious. Do you think Grant, the author who just got signed, would have queried this agency? Perhaps, but this contest brought an opportunity to spotlight the most important aspect of that manuscript to the agent, and that’s the pitch. If an agent likes a pitch, that’s a long ways to skipping the other irrelevant slush in their query pile, especially if you’ve gotten their attention, even briefly. Never underestimate opportunity.

That said, Diedre really surprised me not only by the volume of favorites she took on, but the variety as well. Her hashtag stats are all over the place, and she’s really open to more than I’d realized. But even if she was open, each pitch did have some elements in common. It was strong, of course, but it wasn’t high fantasy. From what I could tell, the pitches with fantasy or sci-fi had touches of Battlestar Galactica and/or mythological retellings. And pretty much all winning pitches seemed to have a romantic element.

This just enforces to me that if an author wants to go paranormal romance and still land an agent, it can’t be a same ‘ol trope of vampires and such, and even better, should be a fairytale retelling. At least, that’s what’s hot now, who knows what’s hot tomorrow.

219192f0b2d3a411cb161025c29d8e28_400x400Tweets Favorited by @jannabonikowski
Total Tweets Fav’d = 79

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 7.18.46 PM

Bodies are stacking up, and I’m being blamed. Of COURSE I am, I’m the butler. I swear I didn’t do it. Except that one time… 
He has one job; to keep the witness alive without falling in love with her. It’s about to become impossible. 
Amy fights her cheating husband, her memories, best friend & tween daughter to rediscover & save herself. Is she too obsessed? 
Everyone thinks the college guy is bad news. Everyone thinks the MLB player is a harmless family friend. Everyone is wrong. 
After her boss turns up strangled, Sloan finds comfort in the arms of a stranger – who knows more about the murder than he claims. 
 Lovelee leaves small town 4 dream job Everything’s perfect until boss is murdered. Can she survive w/Career & Love intact? 
1850’s MS-She buys light-skinned slave girls, illegally educates them, and passes them as white. People’ve been lynched for less 
Police cvr-up her brother’s murder. Can she prove it before they frame her for a crime they don’t know she committed? 
An Illuminati-type group will help 16yo Rosie harness her malfunctioning power…or so they say. Danger and romance included. 
AJ Comments:
Janna also took on an impressive number of tweets, but definitely seemed to have a trend. She seemed to stick to romantic stories, and the more suspenseful the better. She also liked women’s fiction, young adult, and mysteries, and seems to also be looking for a sense of danger or thrills in them.

pharty_400x400Tweets Fav’d by @pamelaharty
Total = 20
Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 7.18.46 PM
 Step into New York in The Gilded Age 1909: Follow the mystery, romance and drama as Mary builds her design career and falls in love.
A puzzle solving nurse, a hndsm lawyer w/ her family secrets, & questions someone doesn’t want answered. More than hearts in danger. 
An unlikely hero dog rescues a suicidal man and teaches him the value of life by helping him save others, one paw at a time.  
 French champagne heiress must unravel her dead father’s past to reinvent her crumbling Champagne château to its former glory.
A southern woman in life/marriage crisis, how much forgiveness to give or expect, Journey of Grace Ann, Queen of Bad Decisions  
Hackers stole Joanna’s ID, now one’s stealing her heart. Brandon claims to be a good guy. Maybe.  
Doctor in Chile rescues injured socialite during Quake while he’s hunted by corrupt General to save father–Socialite falls for both. 
When a female computer hacker stumbles across a straight-laced cold case agent’s suspect, she find herself the next target.  
AJ Comments:
Pamela was pretty consistent with romance and women’s fiction, with warm fuzzies as a big bonus.

e6HwkA_A_400x400Tweets Fav’d by @writertravis

Total = 19

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 7.18.46 PM


 When 21yr old Karma lands a birthday trip to Ireland, she discovers the Church’s cost to keep geneology secrets may include her life.
Unqualified 11 yr old boys try to break a neighborhood curse and find there’s EVEN lessons to be learned in an ODD town. Humorous  
Thousands of bottles wash ashore off a Florida key. Residents scramble for bottles & contents, unaware of the danger within.  
Single mom fights to protect youngest son from the outside world while older sister fights to save him from paranoid mom.  
Amagdalene slips thru time the 20’s, 60’s & modern day so she can save her gr8 gr8 granddaughter from repeating the past…   
A therapy dog & therapist help MC heal her past as she helps a dad regain custody of 3kids after mom sets him up w/abuse charges.  
A dream holiday becomes a nightmare when customs find 4 kilos of cocaine in her bag. She is sentenced to death. She didn’t do it. 
 Abandoned by husband, church, God. Life plan derailed.Moving forward: trust her own plans or exit comfort zone and trust God’s?
They made her run, made her hide, killed her parents, & kidnapped her sister. Asha’s in Mumbai to take back what’s hers.  w/Rom
Well-to-do 11yr old sent to live with poor relatives in Scottish Mill town – as Father leaves for WWI. Coming of age historical MG/YA 
AJ Comments:
Travis was difficult for me to analyze, as I don’t really see a trend. If anything, he picked out interesting or unique fiction as long as it didn’t include magical or mystical elements.

elaine2_400x400Tweets Fav’d by @ElaineSpencer
Total = 13
 3 fat camp alumna reunite as adults to reconcile the past & present after the ex-camper they tortured is accused of murder
Aiden left the dust in Syria with PTSD. He & his alert dog are doing well until they find a woman’s body on shore of his Irish home.
A southern Cinderella story. 17yo Elsie has a secret. Her moms too stressed to notice. Her dads ill & shes found love worth lying for

AJ Comments:

Elaine seemed to stick to feel-good and women’s fiction, even when presented as YA. Speaking of which, the first tweet I show here has both YA and WF hashtags, how does that work!? (Who cares, worked for the author, ha!)

8EjWAcXb_400x400Tweets Fav’d by @MJeglinski

Total = 10

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 7.18.46 PM


Hey, I just met you. This school is crazy. So let’s grab our pet goat & ruin a sorcerer’s day-maybe. PRINCESS ACADEMY + DWJ
Three mothers. Three daughters. Three secrets.

AJ Comments:

Melissa seemed consistent with stories which were flat-out mysteries, or had crime-solving elements. But I did love the one #F pitch she favorited which I think had more to do with its cute projection of voice and use of book comps more than anything (which is extremely impressive to squeeze into a single Tweet).

Final AJ Comments:

I really enjoyed analyzing these tweets and I feel I’ve learned a lot about The Knight Agency. They seem to lean towards cozy romances, mysteries, women’s fiction, and a dabble of sci-fi and fantasy elements if towards Diedra’s tastes. It’s great to know what an agency likes, and also those few genres they’ll accept if done right.

Did you like how this information was presented? What would you have liked to have seen differently? I plan on continuing to analyze Twitter Pitch Contests, if for just my own understanding of agencies and their interests and trends.

Happy writing, and congrats to all the winning pitches!

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