October New Releases! Valkyrie Book 1 & 2

I’m a wee bit late making this post, but I wasn’t late getting TWO books out in October! This was a huge undertaking, and solidified my six-month streak of publishing one book a month. It’s a little bit of an overachievement to publish two, but this is a series you won’t want to miss, and won’t want to wait for!

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 6.40.37 AM.png

The finale and Book 3 in this trilogy comes out in November and it’s been a challenge to keep up this pace with a full-time job, but I’m doing it! After I finish my November book, I might take a break in December. We’ll see if the muse lets me!

Valkyrie Allegiance is a trilogy about a Valkyrie who isn’t like her sisters and falls in love with a soul she’s supposed to reap. While she defies the gods to reunite with her human, she finds an unexpected attraction forming between one of Odin’s warriors who has watched over her all her life. It’s an action-packed whirlwind romance and you won’t know where your loyalties lie until the very end!

Read Book 1 for $2.99, Free in Kindle Unlimited, or buy the paperback!

Of course, I celebrate big releases like this with release boxes and swag!

Make sure to get yours while supplies last!

Release Box PNG.png

Here is the line-up for an AJ book-a-month in case you missed it!

May: Manor Saffron FullSizeRender-2

June: Soul BoundOptimized-EBOOK2 (1)

July: Daughter of DragonseBook DoD

August: Soul ChildSoul Child_Book2

September: FlawlessFlawless eBook

October: Valkyrie Book 1 & Book 2Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 6.40.37 AM

Get your personalized goods and signed books at the AJ Etsy Store!

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