Dragonrider Academy

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Welcome to Dragonrider Academy!

New episodes are released every 2 months, so you won’t have to wait long for your next fix!

Book 0 is a full length novel and Episodes range from 10,000-20,000 words each. Episodes are available in Kindle Unlimited. If you are new to KU, you can try out a month for free by clicking here!

Dragonrider Academy: Book 0

This is a full-length novel featuring Lily, the dragonshifter Queen who infiltrates Dragonrider Academy and becomes Vivi’s unlikely ally.

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Ever get that sense you just don’t belong?

I should be happy. It’s my sixteenth birthday and my best friend and boyfriend are pulling out all the stops. No parents, plenty of friends, and a wild party that’ll test my relationship with Nimrock Ohio’s local small-town police.

Nothing exciting ever happens at Nimrock.

At least, not before James arrived.

He came blazing in on his motorcycle with entirely inappropriate leatherwear for the hot climate, but when he takes off his jacket those tattoos would make any good girl question her life choices.

There’s something about James that I can’t shake.

I’ll soon find out James is my knight in shining armor… and I’m the dragon he’s meant to slay.

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Dragonrider Academy: Episode 1

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Never trust a jock.

That was my first mistake. When Max Green invited me to a night party on the beach, I should have known better. The Resorties are rich kids who can’t see past their own cruelty. When Max and his friends trap me in the water, the only way for me to go is down.

It would have been an ironic death, given that my father drowned in the very same waters. But that’s not what happened. Instead my entire world changed when the Lady of the Lake took me to a new realm, one that had been hidden from me my entire life.

Dragonrider Academy is a secret society I’m not even supposed to know exists. It has knights with talking swords, professors who breathe fire, and a hot guy named Killian who seriously gets on my nerves.

It’s his fault I’m stuck here in the first place. He wants me to be his partner and face all the challenges Dragonrider Academy has to offer. He says we’re fated to be together, that I was the one who called him! Crazy talk.

Or is it?

Whatever secret he’s hiding, I need to get it out of him before I do something stupid… like fall for the bad boy who got me into this mess in the first place.

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Dragonrider Academy: Episode 2

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It’s funny how everything can change in an instant.

I went from being an invisible wallflower with no friends, no dreams, and no future to being thrust into a world of dragons and magic. I’ve bonded with Killian, my sexy-as-sin partner and my dragonrider mentor who has been in this world all his life. Together we will raise our dragons into adulthood and protect the realms from evil.

That was how it was supposed to go… anyway.

Nothing works as it should when it comes to me. After our first—and probably only—kiss, Killian hates me. The bond let him venture deep into my soul and what he saw horrified both of us.

There are dark secrets in my blood, secrets that might be best kept in the dark.

It’s too late to go back now. I’m a fully-fledged student at Dragonrider Academy and there’s only one thing left to do.

It’s time to meet my dragon.

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Dragonrider Academy: Episode 3

They say don’t count your dragons before they hatch… 

I never did like to listen.

Killian thinks I’m making a huge mistake, but my heart chose this egg… even if it’s lifeless. The hollow shell has the faintest echo of a heartbeat still inside and my magic as a dragonrider called to it, setting a bond in place.

Bonds can be broken, but I refuse.  

There’s no question. This is my dragon, and I’m going to save it.

Even if I die trying.

Dragonrider Academy: Episode 4

Good news: Solstice is alive!
Bad news: Dragonrider Academy is under siege by wild dragons.
Solstice has been on a journey of his own trying to find me in this realm. I’ll have to get the story out of him one day of how he managed to survive long enough to find me. For now, we need to figure out how to get these wild dragons out of our realm.
The Academy has been preparing for an attack, but I don’t think anyone could be ready for this. The ocean is surging and fire rains down, leaving only death and destruction behind.
My bonds will be tested and my soul will be put on trial.
This is a fight I must win, because everything is on the line.

Dragonrider Academy: Episode 5

Wild dragons followed me home.
And they’ve learned a new trick. This breed can shift into human form and they’ve taken my mother hostage. Their price for her safe return?
Max Green.
I’m more than happy to hand the jerkwad over, but Killian says we need more information, which leads us to working undercover at Max’s favorite hangouts. Blending in at my old high school seemed like a good plan at first to get dirt on Max Green and his friends, but after Killian tried to skewer a student, I’m not so sure this plan is going to work out.
And the clock’s ticking. If we don’t have Max Green to the dragons in one week’s time, I’ll never see my mother again.

Dragonrider Academy: Episode 6

Today is the first day I ride my dragon.

It’s been two years since I cleared my father’s name and made Dragonrider Academy my permanent residence. I’m ready to celebrate and finally ride together with Killian.

Except, the second we take to the skies, we fly right into a trap.

The Wild Dragons have been waiting for this moment to strike. My bond with Killian and my dragon will be tested like they never have before.

I hope we’re ready for this, because this’ll be the fight of our lives.

Dragonrider Academy: Episode 7 (Season 1 Finale)

Today we ride to Avalon.
This is the ultimate graduation test, one that’ll challenge me on every level. The Academy rules say that Killian and I must reclaim an artifact and return home, but I’m not going to stop there.
A Wild Dragon Queen holds her lair in the center of Avalon’s mists. This is my one shot at answers—even if I don’t like what I’ll find.

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