#Pitmad March 2016

Welcome back to the analysis of winning tweets! #Pitmad is always a plethora of pitches, agents, and editors. And as such, the best opportunity to see a live picture of what agents and editors are looking for NOW!

For an overview of #Pitmad, please visit the host blog: http://www.brenda-drake.com/pitmad/

Run Down:

Basic rules are (3) pitches allowed per project and the contest runs for 12 hours from 8AM EST to 8PM EST on the day of the event. The polite rules are only agents and editors should favorite tweets and no one else should favorite or retweet. The #Pitmad feed is clogged enough as it is! Plus getting a favorite from a fan is nice, but kind of a let down at the same time if you thought it was an editor or agent!

If your tweet wins a favorite, this means that agent or editor is interested in your work and would like you to query them. Be sure to research before submitting that you are comfortable with the agency or press which has expressed interest (you don’t have to query) and look for tweets from the person who favorited you for submission instructions. There might be a special prize of critique or feedback, and if not you get a special boost above the slushpile by being able to show in your submission that your pitch already caught their eye. The agent or editor will be inclined to already have a positive outlook on your submission, and that’s golden!

Disclaimer: Below are a list of winning tweets, and are in no way an official or complete list. PB and MG are not included since that is not a focus of this blog. If a tweet was favorited multiple times, it is only shown once in this list. #Pitmad is enormous, so I’ve only grabbed a handfull of tweets to analyze here. If your tweet won a favorite and you’d like me to add it to the list, simply contact me or leave a comment.

— All hashtags and twitter handles are clickable —

Here we go!

My winning tweet favorited by Curiosity Quills Press and Kelly (CorvisieroLit). Happy and humbled!


Rebecca Strauss; Literary agent at DeFiore and Co.

Alec Shane; Literary Agent at Writers House, LLC.

Margaret Bail; Agent at Inklings Literary Agency.

4 thoughts on “#Pitmad March 2016

  1. I met @epubagent at my local library because I think she lives in Orlando. It makes sense that she would favorite #LGBT; that’s her MO. This is such an extensive list! Really helpful, for sure. Do you know how often these Twitter pitch events happen? Is it monthly?

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    1. That’s pretty cool! I went to college in Orlando, too bad I wasn’t into the publishing world back then. Oh well, anyway! To answer your question, there are a lot of resources for upcoming Twitter Pitch contests, but I’d recommend UberGroup’s thread on Scribophile. Mostly because they not only notify upcoming contests, but we work together to refine pitches and share updates during the contest. (You have to be a member of Scrib and this Writer group to access.)

      If you’re not looking to join that group, then here’s a blog list I like to use: http://carissa-taylor.blogspot.com/2013/01/contest-madness.html

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  2. Great insight into the last #PitMad session. I like to study what pitches agents favorite and why. And according to your list, it looks like fairy tale and other retellings are another favorite by agents this #PitMad.

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