3 Favorite Places to Read


Have you ever been in a movie theatre and saw someone reading? Well I have!

I remember I was at the movie theatre with some friends. It was a kid’s movie, I don’t recall which. But what I do remember is looking over and seeing this 8 to 10-year-old boy curled up in his seat, reading a book. His younger sister was hardly paying attention to the movie either, hitting the seat in front of her with a barbie doll.

I remember thinking, “What on Earth? Why would you be reading about a story, when there’s a story playing on a screen right in front of you?” But then I pondered it more deeply. Our minds can create a world so much more fascinating than what is shown to us on a screen. There’s a reason why people usually say, “The book was better than the movie.” Given the right tools (author nudges), a magical world can open up in front of our eyes in a way that nothing else can compare. His parents should be proud he chose his imagination over the 12$ movie ticket.

And since people love lists, here are my top 3 favorite places to read:

1. In Bed with my Cat (So cozy)

2. In the Airport (Really, nothing calms me more than a book when I’m on a business trip)

3. In the Doctor’s Office (Seeing a trend here?)

I’ll read pretty much anywhere, but I don’t think I can compete with the 8-year-old who was reading in the movie theatre.

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