Festival of Drabbles – Voting Ends Nov 13!


Be sure to stop by and vote! I’m proud to host a drabble for this competition. Here it is for your enjoyment!

Alyssa Flowers-Bouman – An Angelic Dance


You’re the first angel I’ve ever met. I never knew your wings would be gold. Do you enjoy ripping out a person’s soul, as you have done to me now?

You smile, and my heart breaks.

My time ends and the curtains draw closed.

The sudden lack of your presence blinds me. My eyes adjust to the drab and dusty room.

“Please, I can afford more,” I beg.

The angel consort takes my drink from the stand. “A silver only buys the small hourglass.” She points to the exquisite curved crystal. The sands had run out. “Only one per customer.”

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