#PitchCB Results!

Did you miss Twitter’s #PitchCB? That’s okay, here’s a summary of today’s winning pitches and discussions!

Theme: #DiscoveryDay

#PitchCB : 9AM – 1PM (London Time). 

Winning Pitches:

@AlissiaBee; Liked by Curtis Brown Agent: Emma Herdman

Imagine discovering a furnished house in Dulwich. A secret setting for an affair in the 70s. It was abandoned. You need refuge. #PitchCB

@sianushka; Liked by Curtis Brown Agent: Emma Herdman

#PitchCB An academic discovers a woman’s memoirs in the G Stein archive. It reveals an extraordinary life at the ❤️ of the 20s Left Bank.

Yes, she used an emoticon heart! Nifty trick to by-pass some word count.

#CBBG : 1PM – 2PM (London Time) (Curtis Brown Book Group)

Main topic was the discussion of The Silent Tide, written by Rachel Hore, Sunday Times Top 10 Bestseller, and represented by Curtis Brown. Ironically, the book is about the journey of fictional character Emily Gordon in publishing.

Some favorite Tweets from this discussion:


Van Demal ‏@Van_Demal  

#CBBG The title’s spot on. Did you know early on that it would be called #TheSilentTide, and hold several meanings? @CBBookGroup @Rachelhore
Rachel Hore ‏@Rachelhore  

@Van_Demal @CBBookGroup the title came to me about halfway through the book. #cbbg


Emma Herdman ‏@emduddingstone

Had you always wanted to write a book set in the world of publishing? Was it inevitable?! #CBBG #DiscoveryDay

Rachel Hore ‏@Rachelhore 

@emduddingstone #cbbg Do readers like books set in publishing, do you think?

#CBCTips : 2PM – 3:30PM (London Time) 

Novel Writing Tips from Curtis Brown

Some favorite Tweets (Actually this is most of them, they were all great advice!)
CB Creative ‏@cbcreative 

Scenes in novels rarely need to be longer than 1000-1500 words. If yours goes on pages & pages, do some cutting #CBCTips

Don’t spend ages introducing characters with their potted life stories before you make things happen to them #CBCTips

Endings don’t have to be happy but they should be satisfying – don’t just trail away … #CBCTips

Don’t open a novel with a character’s hangover, or a bit of bland scenesetting. So so dull … #CBCTips

Things to avoid: Don’t have anyone ‘padding’ about. Don’t have an ‘azure’ or ‘inky-black’ or ‘cerulean blue’ sky. Or crunchy gravel #CBCTips

If you write lots of pounding hearts, unable to breathe etc very early in novel, you leave yourself with nowhere left to go #CBCTips

The end is just the beginning. If you’re a real writer, take the rewriting stage seriously. Interrogate your material #CBCTips

Writers get bogged down trying to move characters around. We don’t usually need the bus journey there, ringing the door bell etc #CBCTips

#AskCB : 3:30PM – 5PM (London Time)


Sara D ‏@psychodwarf    (This is actually an editor asking! Shouldn’t she know…?)

#askcb ok here’s a question…how many authors actually make a living from writing, and how many also have a second ‘real’ job [😄]

Gordon Wise ‏@gordonwise 

@psychodwarf it’s hard to live off your writing; never quit the day job starting out. Figure out a game plan if things start to work #Ask CB


Chloe Esposito ‏@ChloeJEsposito

#AskCB I have a first draft of my novel and am in process of editing. An agent I like is asking to see it ASAP (unedited). Should I send it?

Jonny Geller ‏@JonnyGeller 

@ChloeJEsposito you only get one chance to read something for the first time. Don’t waste it!


Kate Todd ‏@KTodd_Writes  

In your experience, what types of stories are best served by present tense? What do you think are some of the best examples? Thanks! #AskCB

Jonny Geller ‏@JonnyGeller

@KTodd_Writes it used to be a no-no but after Wolf Hall, historical novels have it more and more. It’s tough to sustain and can irritate!


Ann Davies ‏@annwritesthings  

#ASKCB What are your views on professional editing agencies? Worth the money? Do you give pref to submissions via them?

Richard Pike ‏@LondonFarmBoy 

@annwritesthings I wouldn’t give preference to submissions from editing agencies, no.

Sophie Lambert ‏@AgentSophieL  

@annwritesthings I think that they vary enormously. There are some very good ones and some sharks. I don’t give preference to them though


julieP ‏@readmynovels 

#AskCB Beta readers and literary consultant say my writing is good, but agents say no thanks with stock replies. Who to go to next

Sophie Lambert ‏@AgentSophieL  

@readmynovels Keep going I say. It often takes tens of submissions but you *just* need it to click with one person who will champion you


Elaine McCann ‏@ElaineMcCann1  

#AskCB How important is it that a new author submitting their work has an online presence/following?

Carrie Plitt ‏@PlittyC  

@ElaineMcCann1 it’s not necessary – the writing is the most important thing. But an online following can help

Emma Finn ‏@EmF1nn  

@ElaineMcCann1 it’s definitely not a priority, especially for fiction. But it can be a great way to spread word of mouth about your book

Lucy Morris ‏@lucycmorris  

@ElaineMcCann1 It’s certainly not a hindrance, but the writing’s the most important thing #askCB

Gordon Wise ‏@gordonwise  

@ElaineMcCann1 just be prepared to cultivate one later on #AskCB

Usually #PitchCB runs the fourth Friday of every month, but I’m not sure if they’ll be running for Christmas. So check in at Curtis Brown’s Website for the latest updates on the next Twitter Pitch Contest!

Still preparing your pitches? Want to see other upcoming Twitter Pitch Contests? Be sure to check 4 Tips for a Stellar Twitter Pitch!

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