2015 Overview – AJ Flowers Popular Posts and First Year Results

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the wonderful readers, followers, and commenters I’ve received this year! As you may know, this blog is relatively new and we’ve had a great 2015!

My goals for this year are to continue to explore editing tips, novel and prose development, and other writing skills. You can also look forward to more book reviews, like my popular review of The Martian, as well as personal update posts on my writing journey. I’m looking forward to another amazing year!

Original Blog Start: AJFlowers.org – July 16, 2015

WordPress Sister Site Creation – September 8, 2015


Most popular Blog Post on AJFlowers.org – 4 Tips for a Stellar First Chapter

Most popular Blog Post on AJFlowers.WordPress.com – #PitMad Dec 2015 Results!

Social Media Numbers accrued in 2015:

Twitter Followers  – 279

Facebook Page Likes – 70

Email Subscribers (Not same as WordPress) – 43

WordPress Followers  – 383

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