#PitchBFB Results! – Jan Twitter Pitch Contest

I’m happy to announce the winners for the Twitter Pitch Contest #PitchBFB hosted by independent publisher Book Fish Books on January 13th from 7AM – 7PM EST. The rules for this pitch contest were 3 pitches allowed per project, and seeking only MG, YA, and NA novels.

Prizes (Copied from Book Fish Books site):

–If we like your pitch, we promise to offer personalized feedback on your submission!**

–Also, a few submissions will receive complete critiques from our content and line editors on the first three chapters of their work.

–And finally, one participant will receive a full critique from our content and line editors on their FULL manuscript! 

If you missed out on this contest, don’t fret. There are plenty Twitter pitch contests being held with various prizes and attending publishers and agents. Find the best which will help you meet your goals. (To get you started, #PitMad will be March 17, 2016!)

This post is to provide you a list of the winners so you can study what makes a great Twitter Pitch and how you can get your book in the spotlight in the future. Be sure to check out other Twitter Pitch Contests (listed at the end of this post) and their winners to see what your favorite publishers or agents liked, and get an idea what they’re looking for.

Book Fish Books was also nice enough to post what they were looking for before the contest:

You know what I haven’t asked for in a while? Sports romances, YA or NA. If you have one today, do for guaranteed feedback.

: What would I like to see?? ( or ), unique or flawed utopian, , non-prince/princess .

Now for the winners!

I am pleased to announce my winning tweet for Sanctuary:

Is giving your life really a sacrifice if you know you’ll be reborn? Ask Thane, if you can find him before the gods do.

And here are the other wonderful winners, listed in no particular order:

Jared’s best friend might “like” him & his arch-nemesis likes her. He’ll lose her forever if he can’t figure out what he feels

Chasing her father’s final steps leads Ada to her new job as a Grim Reaper. But death might be the only way to save her family.

Cape Cod summer, handsome baseball player, sweetness of new love. Will Mandy take the risk or let her past control her future?

When Morelle sees a face, she hears a number 1-10, ranking them from good to evil. Now she must prove the mirror wrong.

Tyrant Rider sees odd magic in servant K-1, forcing both to uncover their blurred pasts and cruel fates within a dying world.

Under an empire kept strong by fear and submission, a small act of kindness blossoms into love and changes the world.

There are only 2 options: protect vulnerable royal demigod from stalker or die trying. Either way Dom may lose her.

Demigod w/PTSD. W/help from disabled sent to protect her, she may learn to forgive herself & love him.

Sixteen-yo Brynn has no time to investigate the murder of a neighbor’s toddler, until a voodoo doll hints at her own watery grave

When out/proud Kyle falls for a closeted fb player, both boys realize sometimes you have to risk losing it all to have it all

When a teenage misfit ends a school shooting with bare hands, it places him in a religious conspiracy attempting to kill God

Can Brady follow through with putting his yet unborn child up for adoption, and what about his feelings for another girl?

EMMY&OLIVER meets CATCHING JORDAN when Noah attends a soccer camp in Rio & falls for former BFF, the owner’s forbidden dgtr.

Fake ID & real smarts got Asha to Mumbai; now to infiltrate & dismantle lives of people who decimated her life. w/

They made her run, made her hide, killed her parents, & took her sister. 22yo Asha’s in Mumbai to even the score.    w/

17yo fighter pilot Evie kicks ass–but she’s only human. After rogue Android saves her cocky ass, nobody but Evie can save his.

Things are about to get dicey. Empathic twins, a sexy neighbor, a shady girlfriend, and a secret fae lab? Oh, my…

Isaac seeks a cure for his Midas touch. Trailed by greedy men, he falls for the girl who helps him. But he must not touch her.

When Cassidy’s crush is stolen by her bully, she turns to a 12-step program to win him back and end her bully’s time in office

An emotionally scarred dragon & 15yo Mac must work together to stop a disease spreading through Spiritwood’s linked worlds.

Sara’s duty: alter/correct timelines as instructed. But when her friends are due to be erased it’s time to break the rules

4 high school friends. 3 secrets. 2 weeks in paradise. 1 huge explosion. Steamy, contemporary NA told from alternating POVs.

And that’s all the winners! Book Fish Books has their work cut out for them. As a previous winner to this contest who received feedback, I have to pat them on the back. They do a thorough job and don’t cut any corners. It’s REAL feedback. A big thanks to Book Fish Books for this awesome contest.

In case you missed it, Past Twitter Pitch Contest Results:

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