A Little Something For Everyone!

feng-shui-1015429_1920As the AJ Audience grows, this site is reforming to make it easier for you to get the updates you enjoy the most!

As a blogger, we get these awesome weekly updates of our mailing subscriptions, and the numbers have shown a clear writer/reader segregation. Some of you love writing tips but don’t care to read stories, and some love stories but aren’t interested in writing. To help you get the information you’re most interested in, I’ve split up my mailing lists!


This is Mina, my Blue Russian Kitty. If you want to get to know me personally, be ready to get to know Mina!

For AJ updates on a personal level, including little anecdotes of my family visits and how my publication journey is going, join my newsletter (click here). These will not be available as a post on this site. This is exclusive information shared only with those who are interested in my work, my life, and advice for how to become a better writer. Usually my advice is from things I’ve already learned the hard way!

-Free Flash Fiction-

Flash Fiction

The newest email list is for the AJ Flash Ficion Center. If you’d like free stories emailed directly to your inbox, be sure to subscribe (click here).

-Wordpress Default-

For a notice every time there’s a new blog post, make sure you’re signed up to the WordPress Subscription. Most of my posts are focused on writing tips, but include the occasional book review, story I’ve published on this site, or other thoughts on things that interest me in the writing world. To subscribe to this list, scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill in your email on the footnote menu or click “follow this blog” if you’re a WordPress member. (WordPress membership is not required to join.)

Thank you everyone for being a part of my journey, no matter which segment of my work you wish to be a part of, I am inspired by every one of you. Happy writing, and happy reading!

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