#PitMatch Winning Tweets – Feb 11

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Source: Brenda-Drake

This was certainly a new and fun Twitter Pitch Contest hosted by Brenda Drake, otherwise known for the popular Twitter Pitch Contest, #PitMad. (Click here to read the host’s page.)

Their Twitter handle lists this contest as:

A collaboration between  and . Three teams of cupids (writers, agents, editors) compete to make the most literary matches. February 11, 1-4 EST.

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Source: Brenda-Drake

Basically, the teams of cupids rummage through the 3 hours of pitches and hold them up against #MSWL (Manuscript Wish List) posts from agents and editors. If they feel they’ve found a match, they bring the pitch to the agent/editor’s attention. If the agent/editor favorites the tweet, that means they are interested and hopefully the cupids have created a love match!

Agents are busy people. Really. Busy. People. Events like these help authors to rise above the slush pile with a little extra oomph, and sometimes agents who aren’t even open to submissions will make exceptions if they make a connection through a pitch contest like this one.

And if that isn’t enough of a reward for you, then look at it this way. #MSWL got a decent refresher!

First, the winning tweets! Sorted by agent and including their posted #MSWL just to compare how accurate their #MSWL is to their interest in pitches. This post isn’t just to see the winners, but to better understand agents and publishers, and what it is they’re looking for. This is an activity I’ve done on my own for some time, and I’m an author who is in the spirit of sharing what I learn with others. Writing is not a solo endeavor. We need to stick together!


-This is a listing compiled based on live Twitter feed and is not an official nor complete list since a complete list would take me 1209498456 hours to complete *manic laugh*. There are a TON of tweets, so if I missed yours and you’d like to see it here, feel free to send a comment and I’ll add it to the list.

-Additionally, I have no affiliation with this contest. MG and PB are not included since this is not a subject interest of this blog.

-If pitches won multiple favorites, they are listed only once. Feel free to click any of the links to see the tweets yourself.**

Favorited by Literary Agents:


Agent: Mandy Hubbard via Emerald City Agency (She has recently founded her own agency after 6 years with D4EO)

Mandy’s MSWL:

: YA where teens fake being adults, a la DON’T TELL MOM THE BABYSITTER’S DEAD.

– YA with an absurdly ridiculous premise (like KILL THE BOY BAND, or the movie THE HANGOVER.

Tweets Fav’d by Mandy:

Agent: Peter Knapp via New Leaf Literary

Peter’s MSWL:


Agent: Diedre Knight via The Knight Agency

Diedre’s MSWL:

I would love to find a Gilded Age novel.

I would love to find historical fiction about ancient Sparta, Ancient Greece or Romo.

Tweets Fav’d by Diedre:

Agent: Mike Hoogland via DGLM

Mike’s MSWL:

Looking for some thought-provoking speculative fiction grounded in realism

Would love to see some . I also wouldn’t say no to some and

Tweet’s Fav’d by Mike:

Agent: Caitlin McDonald via DMLA

Caitlin’s MSWL:

I feel like this goes w/o saying but I’m really really dying for non-Western fantasy. Either on Earth or a secondary-world is fine.

BTW, I also handle nonfiction, so hit me up with any particularly geeky book proposals you might have!

Also looking for stories set in unusual or remote locations. Could be SFF or contemporary, but stays in the region, not transitory.

Also still looking for that Leverage book, you guys! Heists heists heists, please send me your heists! Ideally w/ lots of women

Canon bisexuality, for example, I am definitely eager to see more of in media

I’d also love books that focus on female friendships–either contemporary or genre fiction. All-female fantasy quest! Girl heist team!

I’d love diverse representation that is not presented as “issue books”–just queer, POC, & differently-abled people doing stuff.

Big day on Twitter today! #1 on my wishlist is lesbians: send me lesbians doing literally anything, I am dying for representation!

Tweets Fav’d by Caitlin:

A jilted bride sworn off love.A struggling hockey player desperate for a good luck charm.And the one night that changes it all.

Favorited by Publishers:


Curiosity Quills Press


AJ Comments:

Like I said before, this is by no means a complete list, as the amount of action for this contest was massive. And I think you’ll agree you’ve seen enough as it is. I had so much fun compiling it though and I learned a lot about my favorite agents and editors in the process.

I hope it helps you to better understand what agents and editors are looking for. Generally, the pitches matched pretty well with their MSWL. And if any trends can be noted, it’s the typical “YA is hot” and “magical realism” where one MSWL even asked for “Dune without the Worm” haha. I can’t imagine what’s attractive about that but okay. Oh, and let’s not forget the MSWL asking for “lesbians doing anything.” I have nothing against lesbians, but I’m sorry, that’s not the sole trademark of a bestseller. But– gotta give the people what they want, right? (I feel like I should make a Wattpad reference here. But I’ll restrain myself.)

Happy writing and congratulations to all the winners!

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