A Guide to Writing Your First Novel

I’m delighted to announce the publication of this blog’s new ebook: “A Guide to Writing Your First Novel!”

A.J. Flowers-2

This guide is a revised compilation of A.J. Flowers blog’s top posts over the past year to make a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate platform for all the best writing tips. What sets this guide apart from others is the fact that it’s focused for writers starting with no outside help. The writing industry is like a forest, and you need to know what plants are poisonous, what mushrooms can be eaten, and where are the best watering holes without lurking predators to survive. Other writing guides assume you’ve been to the forest before, you already have the proper gear and a native guide or two. But most of us don’t! If this describes you, then let me be your guide. Learn from someone who’s done all the legwork for you, and jump ahead of the game.

I’ve also included author interviews from traditional and self-published authors who were just starting out so you can see for yourself what a typical journey looks like in the early stages.

This guide is meant as a comprehensive overview for beginners, and is not intended to replace staples such as Elements of Style, Sense of Style, and Writing With Quiet Hands. In fact, I recommend reading those after you’ve gotten through this guide since they are invaluable, but they miss out on giving you a first-hand account of someone who’s walked into this industry without the help of freelance editors, English professors, or any semblance of a writing mentor.

People who have been in the industry for a long time have difficulty understanding what it was like in the very beginning. It’s not just about understanding what agents and readers are looking for, but also understanding what kind of mindset the author needs to be in to have what it takes to meet their goals, and understanding preconceptions that first need to be dispelled before a writer can even begin to actually write their first draft. And then looking for pitfalls that agents may find obvious, but new writers will have to learn the hard way. This guide is designed to help minimize the hardships of finding your feet as quickly as possible.

This guide is free on Amazon from April 11th until April 15th.


If you regularly follow this blog, you’ll be familiar with most of the information in this guide, even though the content has been edited for the comprehensive format. Please leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads and share with your friends!

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