Writing Challenge – Story a Day in May!

Story a Day Website BadgeSo I like to do crazy things that make me go even more crazy, especially when it comes to writing. So when I heard about the “Story a Day in May” I said, Hey! That sounds awesome! (Thanks Victoria from my awesome Scribophile writing group! And fan/writing partner Rebecca!)

I am all into writing flash fiction this year, and I just am not pumping out as much as I’d like to get on a regular submission schedule for flash fiction magazine markets. (It’s really all about turnover to get work out there when it comes to shorts.)

As it stands now, I get one story out a week (usually), and that’s just not enough. Yet I feel like it shouldn’t be that difficult to sit down and blast 1,000 words. At least, it’s not difficult once I get in the right mindset. I feel like I have to sit facing a certain direction, as if inspiration is hidden in a magnet that rotates with the stars, and perhaps I have to make some tea, jump on one foot and walk in a circle… get what I’m saying? It’s so hard to find that sweet spot to spit out a story sometimes. It’s just ridiculous! But if I join this crazy movement of writers who have determined by all means to write one story a day, perhaps I’ll finally get somewhere and stop worrying about the words.

In my case, coming up with the initial story is kind of like chewing nails. It’s different for everybody of course. Some people love the drafting process and hate editing, and vice versa. For me, editing is really the fun part, and I may spend a week, two, or three working on a 1,000 word story to get it just right. I used to draw and I was the same way. I loathed coming up with the initial sketch, but I could spend days just on the shading alone. And in this case, to have 31 stories ready to work with in June sounds awesome. Like, kid in a candy store awesome. The only problem is I have to get there. So I really hope this kick in the pants and going through a community of writers struggling with the same thing will help me do it.

Any of my readers partaking in Story a Day in May? What made you want to do it? (Pretty sure insanity is a prerequisite…)

One thought on “Writing Challenge – Story a Day in May!

  1. I’m doing Story a Day as well, because I also need that motivation to up my output. I’ve done it the last five years or so, and although I’ve never actually come out of it with 31 stories, any writing I can get done is better than nothing. And yes, insanity is part of it – May is the end of the school year, so I’m usually crazy busy with final papers and projects. Why not pile on even more? 🙂

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