10 Trends Agents are Looking for NOW


I like to peruse #MSWL every now and then, which is a hashtag twitter term for “Manuscript Wish List.” It’s nice to see what agents are looking for, even if it’s crazy specific. Sometimes even they don’t even know what want until they see it, but I appreciate when they articulate what they think they want. Usually, the best #MSWL is when they articulate what they don’t want.

I plucked some recent favorites from Twitter of trends and tips of what agents are looking for this month. Quotes are clickable if you find an agent whose wish matches your manuscript. Enjoy!

Here we go:

1. Stories with obesity that have any setting other than fat camp — apparently obesity is a trait that occurs in other contexts as well!

Fat protag novel (children’s/adult) having NOTHING to do with fashion, fat camps, beauty pageants. We also exist in other contexts 🙂

2. More asians — but drop the stereotypes.

Dying to read a ms with an Asian main character that isn’t a stereotype, i.e. is really bad at math (like me!)

3. It seems you can never really go wrong with twins.

Just thinking about how much I love a good twin-switch romance or thriller. Who’s got a fun story with twins switching places? I want!

4. Think dragons are done? Think again.

I’m in the mood for dragons right now – either YA or adult fantasy will do – in the vein of Naomi Novik or Anne McCaffrey.

5. I need more ancient Persia in my life. But Carly will take modern too.

Oh, I would LOVE a book about women in the Persian royal family, ancient or modern.

6. Anything with games! Hunger Games. Game of Thrones. Bring it on.

inspired by tonight’s game night: YA featuring teens getting trapped in a board game! meets

Seconded by Peter Knapp:

Peter Knapp Retweeted Lauren Smulski

Also want this!!

7. Dealing with relationship struggles due to a cultural difference, minus the Juliet and Romeo conflict.

I’d love a YA romance that deals with cultural differences in the relationship (e.g., not parents or outsiders forbidding it, etc).

8. Fantasy worlds that are fresh and unique, i.e. not in a place that closely resembles Europe.

I would love to find a YA Fantasy set in Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Taiwan…pretty much anywhere outside of Europe!

9. Trends come and go, and if you prepare in advance, you can query when they hit. (4 more years until the next Olympics!)

A contemporary or historical YA set at the Olympics

10. Writing about royalty who actually took their heritage seriously.

I see a lot of heirs who want nothing to do with ruling (and somehow know nothing?) I’d love one w/a sense of duty/responsibility

Want more #MSWL? There’s a whole website with tons of useful information. Check it out: www.manuscriptwishlist.com

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