AJ Publication Announcements! January 2018

I’m excited to announce not one, but THREE publications today!

Let’s start with a traditional publication by the magazine “Bards and Sages Quarterly” who have published my short story “Wiersbiel.”


Click Here to Purchase the January Issue of Bards and Sages Quarterly on Amazon

First launched in January 2009, The Bards and Sages Quarterly is a celebration of short speculative fiction. Each issue brings readers a vibrant collection of speculative works from both new and established writers. Our goal remains the same today as when we began: to create a showcase in which to introduce readers to amazing voices they might have otherwise missed.

I sold this story about a year ago, and now it’s finally out in the world! Bards and Sages Quarterly is a semi-prozine that has previously purchased my work before. If you purchase this magazine, my story will be at the end. Best for last!

Rise to Hope_Smooth

Rise to Hope is Here in all formats!

Click Here to purchase Rise to Hope on Amazon

Click Here to purchase Rise to Hope on all other outlets

She Fell From Heaven… But Now She’s Back

Standalone capable

In the stunning sequel to Fallen to Grace, Azrael must face a new world with new masters. She’s the Queen of Celestia–or so the Council of angels wish her to believe. The Seraphim, the true ruler of Celestia, holds Gabriel captive and tinkers with dark magic. Azrael must master her powers and her heart like never before in order to save Gabriel and lead a coup against the Seraphim.

She’ll find an unlikely ally in a mutated girl who once took everything from her… Will it be in Azrael’s power to forgive?

This is the second novel in the Celestial Downfall Trilogy! Full novels take me the longest to write and edit, as well as prepare for their release. I don’t utilize a traditional publisher for these works, but I do pay for some outside help in terms of editors and artists. The majority of the work, however, is done by yours truly.

Rise to Hope has been in process for a year, and the entire trilogy has been in the making for the past ten years! Here’s to a job well done and a story I’m truly proud of.


Finally, we have the latest release in the Ancient Realms Collection!

AJ_Flowers (1)

Click Here to purchase Awakening on Amazon

Click Here to purchase Awakening on all other outlets

The Awakening is a novelette in a collection of epic fantasy stories known as the “Ancient Realms Collection” and only offered in eBook format. If you’re not sure what a novelette is, it’s too long to be considered a short story, but too short to be considered a novel or novella. Most novelettes run about 7-15k words, or roughly 30-50 pages.

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 4.08.45 PM.png

We’re off to a great start for 2018! I hope to have many more announcements to share with you this year. A big thank you to all my fans and supporters!


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