A.J. May Release: Manor Saffron

My goal is to publish a book once a month, and I’m pleased to say I’ve met that goal again! Last month I gave you the conclusion to the Celestial Downfall Trilogy, and this month I’m happy to share the next installment in the Celestial Downfall World. Please enjoy Manor Saffron, Book 4 in the Celestial Downfall Series. This is a fantasy romance and a standalone novel featuring a new character: Valeria and her incredible tale of how she came to be the founding Mistress of Manor Saffron. This is the first novel of a planned trilogy of “origin” tales, all of them fantasy romance, all of them books you won’t be able to put down! Look to the end of Manor Saffron for a teaser of what’s coming next!


A Heartbreaking Fantasy Romance

Every kingdom has an origin… this is Manor Saffron’s founding story. There are four great Manors across Terra that care for the angels cast from Celestia, but it had not always been that way.

Valeria is the first wingless angel to survive in a world overrun by demons and malice. Raised on the unforgiving Obsidian Sea, she’ll learn what it means to be Windborn, and what she’ll have to sacrifice to change a broken world she’s grown to love.

The humans huddle in the last remaining stronghold: Leocivat. They are ruled by a governing force of Hallowed known as the Coterie. Nile, their youngest and newest addition, strives to understand how the demons have come to dominate the outlands and continue to ravage the world. He will find out what it takes to stop them, even if he’s the only one willing to try.

Nile needs an angel. Valeria needs a guide. When Valeria and Nile join forces, the foundation of the world will be shaken, and a new one will rise.

I’m excited to say that this novel is also available in paperback (it’s so beautiful in person!) and if you fancy a signed copy, you can get your own by clicking here.

Or, of course, you can buy a regular paperback shipped from Amazon for $9.99 🙂

This is a lovely shot from my desk! I’m having so much fun filling up shelves with paperbacks!

If you haven’t seen my new desk, here it is! It’s really coming together! (And yes, that’s a shot of when I was working on Soul Bound, which I’ll be talking about in my June releases post!)32266408_671712246515568_860799806480580608_n.jpg

Thank you all for being readers, fans, and supporters of AJ books. I can’t wait to come back next month and tell you about some very exciting things publishing in June. Until next time!

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