3 April A.J. Releases! Yes, THREE!

Today’s post is talking about three major releases I’m excited to talk about for April!

  1. The conclusion and boxed set of the Celestial Downfall Trilogy, also available in Audiobook! This is HUGE!0062. Multi-author Anthology: Beyond the Deep Woods, including the exclusive debut of “Lunar Clash” an A.J. Ancient Realms Story

Two moons crash every thousand years, sending Eliza back in time to start all over again. Can she stop the cycle of destruction and pain?Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 7.14.39 AM3. Multi-author Anthology: A Different Kind of Hero, including the exclusive debut of “Flawless” the final A.J. Ancient Realms Story

A near-sighted Valkyrie will stop Ragnarok from devouring her worldScreen Shot 2018-04-14 at 7.15.20 AM

Okay to get things started, the most exciting news I have is that the Celestial Downfall Trilogy is Complete! You can grab the entire Boxed Set for a discounted price for a limited time. So if you’re looking to binge-read, now is a good time!

Click Here to Purchase the Boxed Set!


If you prefer paperback editions, those are available as well. I’m so pleased how they turned out!


I’m also very excited to say that all Audiobooks are now available on Audible!

Click Here to check out the Celestial Downfall Trilogy on Audible

I believe that covers all formats you hungry readers could want… except for… oh yes! Hardcover Editions!

Many of you have requested if I’ll have Hardcover available. I would love to, but that requires more investment than I’m able to handle at this point. I have started a GoFundMe for the Hardcover Editions. I have all information included in the GoFundMe campaign of what my expenses would be and what I need to make it happen. You can check out my progress here!

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 10.10.25 PM

After finishing this series, I’m in the mood for Manor Saffron, an origin novel that tells the story of Valeria, the first Windborn to survive in the an ancient world of Celestial Downfall and how she became Queen of Manor Saffron. This novel is more of a paranormal romance than Azrael’s trilogy, but you’ll find familiar threads as well as new delights in this exciting novel.

The pre-order is scheduled for release in May!

Click Here to Pre-Order Manor Saffron

Teaser Manor Saffron




Beyond the Deep Woods: Debut Release of “The Lunar Clash”

Two moons crash every thousand years, sending Eliza back in time to start all over again. Can she stop the cycle of destruction and pain?

Click Here to Purchase Beyond the Deepwoods for 99 cents! (At the time of this post)

A Different Kind of Hero: Debut Release of “Flawless”

A near-sighted Valkyrie will stop Ragnarok from devouring her world

Click Here to Purchase A Different Kind of Hero for 2.99 Release week price!

If you’re not familiar with the Ancient Realms Collection, these exclusive releases now complete the set. Each story is a standalone novelette with the common theme of gods and ancient magic. These are what I call “heart” stories. I call them that because each and every story here holds a special place in my heart. With these stories, I don’t worry about what is marketable or what readers are looking for, instead I’ve let my imagination run wild and told the story my heart wanted to tell. Those who have taken the time to read these stories have left glowing reviews. I know they’re short. I know they’re a crazy exploration of my imagination, but I also know you’ll love them. Give one a try! The first three are available on Amazon, and the last two you can only get through the multi-author anthologies that are mentioned in this post.

Ancient Realms.jpg

Finally, a bit of swag news, I’ve given away over $500 of goodies in my Facebook Fan group! I’ve been able to do this because of supporting guest authors, as well as new fans purchasing my books. I probably should have put that money towards Hardcover Editions, haha! Instead, I gave it back to you. I’ve enjoyed giving out lots of goodies and swag.

Click Here to Join the Facebook Fan Group

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 6.46.32 AM.png

Here is a look at some of the swag I plan on giving out in the Facebook Fan Group in the future!

Remember, all Swag shown here is available in the A.J. Store!


Signed Books
Soul Bound no text tote
Soul Bound Tote

Thank you and that’s all the news I have for April! Feel free to drop me a comment of which project you’re most looking forward to and have a great day!

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