There are Two Kinds of Book Blurbs: Which is Yours? A post for Authors

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What’s worse than the blank page? The Dreaded Blurb!!

Hi Authors! It’s been a while since I reached out to you. I wanted to share some information about blurbs since I write them professionally on Fiverr. I make approx 5k a month in book royalties, so if you make less than that, my blurb writing service can potentially help you. If you make more, I can only promise I’ll save you the headache of writing a dreaded blurb!

After delivering 17 blurbs, I feel it’s time to highlight what to expect and not only how I can help, but to clarify that there are two kinds of blurbs:

1. Blurbs Written to Market (Designed to sell books)

2. Blurbs Capturing the Story (Designed to Describe the Story, but won’t necessarily improve book sales)

Most authors want Blurb #2. I will always deliver Blurb #1, but authors aren’t accustomed to seeing their book “marketed,” so they usually aren’t sure how to respond. Some authors will have me tweak the marketable blurb to better match their story, or otherwise ask for a complete rewrite which I am happy to do.

Why does this happen? Well, the tough thing about blurbs is that they highlight story structure flaws and it can be quite glaring. I have special add-ons in my blurb service that specify I will explain any story structure flaws or marketing problems with the cover that will impact the quality of the blurb… but only if the author wants to hear it! If these options are not selected, I will not overstep my place and critique an author who isn’t looking for it.

However this doesn’t change the facts:
The blurb can only be as good as the skeleton provided to flesh it out; AND the blurb is 3rd to Cover and Audience Targeting (Genre)
. However, if an author is willing to be flexible, I can capture the marketability of almost any story and point out further improvements that would help sell books. It can be as simple as a cover change, genre shift, or character arc tweak.

Very rarely will an author select these add-ons, and I get that. The author just wants a compelling blurb, not be told how to rewrite their novel or spend more on cover art. So often I will write a blurb which focuses on marketability and leave it at that. If the author does not like that direction, I will write a blurb that is more of a synopsis, less marketable but usually more what the author is looking for.

I’m always open to new clients, but I hope every author can answer this question. Do you want a blurb designed to sell books, or do you just want a blurb so you don’t have to write one yourself? Either option is completely fine. It depends on your goals, but keep in mind I will try to write a blurb that will improve book sales. I make 5k a month on book royalties, so if you make less than that, I can help you, especially if you select to my story structure and marketing feedback add-ons which are only $5 (cheapest Fiverr lets me put an add-on). If you make more than 5k a month, my blurb service won’t make you more money, but it’ll save you time if you hate blurbs lol

Cheers to my awesome clients who I’ve had the pleasure of working with so far 💥

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What Clients Have to Say

shekn_studios ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I’d recommend this seller to anybody who needs a blurb, especially for a story with a complex plot. Great combination of skills, creativity, and work ethics makes her delivery shine.


Great experience. Aj flowers knows what they are doing with blurbs and keyword research. I highly recommend you take out the guesswork in becoming successful on amazon and work with this gig to have a higher chance for success.


As before, the seller did a fantastic job. She asks thoughtful questions that get to the heart of the character and story, and delivers a polished product! Highly recommended!

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