Azrael’s Journal – Entry 1

Ever wondered what goes through the mind of a fallen angel? Now’s your chance to find out. Take a peek at Azrael’s Journal, a fun look into the world of Acceptance available only on

You arrive home and happen upon a strange leathered book sitting at the edge of your bed. It’s covered with golden dust and still warm to the touch. As you open to the first page, the words begin to write on their own. What magic is this? You decide you are too curious to care. Instead, you read . . .

Entry 1 : Day 12 of Summer Ecclesties, Fourty-Thousand & Thirteenth Year of the Divine
Dear Journal,
Hello, this is Azrael of Manor Saffron. I’ve never written in a journal before… but Meretta insisted that I try it out. I’ve been depressed for the longest time. In no small part due to giving audience to my first suitor: Sir Percival… what a creep! He had this huge slimy grin and a blonde goatee that looked menacing. I made sure to keep two arm-lengths from him at all times. 
Plus, he kept calling me Lady Mazreal. Can’t even get my name right. . . 
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