Blog Feature: Tiffany Shand


Hey guys! I’m excited to introduce in the next blog in the AJ December Blog Tour: Author Site: Tiffany Shand! Tiffany Shand is a freelance blogger, editor, copywriter, and author entrepreneur. She runs her own freelance business Eclipse Editing and Writing.

Tiffany’s books are mostly paranormal romance and urban fantasy, and what I am inspired by is how many high-quality books she’s pumped out there. I really look up to Tiffany for motivation to up my game! Plus, her covers are gorgeous!

Each blog I introduce is with the intention to help you explore new people in the literature community on the far reaches of the internet. Tiffany is a great example of how to build a strong author platform. She gives off a wonderful polished and professional feel. Her blog is strongly oriented to readers of paranormal and urban fantasy, but she is also a great blog for writers to follow as well. Not only to see how to do it right, but to engage with someone who wants to help other writers. She often features authors on her site and blogs about lessons learned as she grows in her field.

I had a chance to be interviewed by Tiffany this past week and you can read the whole interview here. And by talking with Tiffany I learned that we’re kindred spirits in some ways. Whereas I wrote a Writing Guide that encompassed what I’d learned during my writing struggles, likewise Tiffany has written “Building Your Author Platform.” All of us have experiences to share and it’s a great way to give back.

In my interview, Tiffany also asked some insightful questions. When talking about Fallen to Grace and she asked me who my favorite character was, I’d never really thought about it, but the answer came to me right away.

My favourite character is Gabriel, the outcast angel and main love interest. It becomes apparent in the first book that he’s an outcast and different from the others, but it’s not really explained why. He’s such a complicated character and I love how deep he really goes, and how it takes three books to truly understand him. I can’t wait to finish editing the next to volumes so my readers can really get to know him.

So a big thanks to Tiffany for getting me to dig deep and articulate some of the things I love when writing my new series. I’m pumped and ready to go on books 2 and 3! Good news? They’re already written! Bad news, I plan on doing some major rewrites, so it’ll still be a while! But that’s probably also good news, because it means you’ll be getting the best I have to offer!

Tiffany is one of many bloggers I’ve been so excited to meet and work with. Tomorrow will kick off week 2 of the tour which brings us to the opening of our next giveaway, this time pure cash! I’ll be offering a $15 Amazon gift card. Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s post (December 11)  for details on how to enter. And before I forget to mention, the Goodreads Giveaway is still going strong! Be sure to get your entries in and see you guys soon!

This post is a feature for the AJ December Blog Tour

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