Blog Feature: The Story Collector ~ Amazon $15 Gift Card Winner ~ +Mystery Freebie!


Before I get into the AJ Blog Tour’s next blog feature, I’m excited to announce the Amazon $15 Gift Card Winner! Gheorghe R. was randomly selected from the entries and has been notified, and even sent me a nice thank-you for the prize. Congrats!

For those of you who didn’t win, I have a mystery freebie announced at the end of this post. That way everybody wins!


Our blog feature today is a pretty cool one! The Story Collector is run by a UK book junkie named Ella. Book bloggers who devour books are the best kind! She’s seen it all and Ella knows what she likes.

I’d recommend Ella’s blog for readers who are looking for tips on books they might not have heard about and see if they’d like it, or otherwise for writers who think they might have a book Ella would enjoy reading. She’s into fantasy mostly, loves dragons, and also enjoys mystery, romance, and horror.

Ella was awesome to review Fallen to Grace, and you can read the whole review here. The comment that she said in her review that stuck with me the most is below:

A.J. Flowers gives a version of angels and demons that I haven’t seen before, with interesting characters like the Hallowed who is both creepy and kind of likeable.

Every time I rewrote the first book (and I rewrote it many times) I found that the character I’d come to call Hallowed became more and more developed. The Hallowed is a character I had a lot of fun building. He’s part of a race of humans with a little piece of creation left in their souls and it links them to the Divine. If they give up their identity and become a monk-like figure, they’ll be able to meet the Divine once in their lifetime. It was such a neat concept to me and it really got me thinking what kind of character would develop from such a lifestyle. But I hadn’t realized until now how that character has grown into something a reader would stand up and say, hey, that’s interesting! (Creepy and likable is not easy to pull off!)

I always learn something new from book blogger reviews. Each one is unique and points out things I haven’t consciously thought about.

Okay, enough of my blustering. Ella has been great and I can’t wait to introduce the next blogs in the tour! But first, I don’t forget about the mystery freebie for this week. This is more of a bonus for my writerly readers. A Guide to Writing Your First Novel is free all this week! It’s a compilation of everything I’ve learned the hard way and I think it’s a great tool for writers who just need the basics laid out. It was hard for me to find something like this when I was first starting and I hope it can help others who are at the start of their journey.

$4.99 eBook$9.99 Paperback.jpg


This post is a feature for the AJ December Blog Tour


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