AJ’s Writing Calendar

Welcome to my public calendar! I don’t use google calendar because it’s difficult for daily tasks rather than meetings. So I apologize in advance if one drive-office share doesn’t display correctly for you!

July 2015 Results:

Good effort, but missed the target!

  • Fallen to Grace Editing Final Draft Goal: (32%), Actual (14%)
  • Sanctuary Rewrite: Goal(Write 15,300 words), Actual(Wrote 11,500)
  • New Book: Goal: (Snowflake Method up to Step 5), Actual(Got to Step2 then had to start over 3 times. It’s a learning process…)

Met and Exceeded goals!

  • Flash: Goal(Submit or post 2 stories), Actual(Submitted 6 stories)
  • Practice Novella: Goal(Write 8,200 words), Actual(Wrote 8,200 words)
  • Blog: Goal(1 post), Actual(2 posts)
  • Critique Group: Goal(participate), Actual(Participated) [yay lol]

I think I was a little tough on myself in July, but I am proud of how much I accomplished. I’ll take it a little easier for August since I’ll be traveling, but not too easy 😉