Merry Christmas from the AJ Blog Tour!

Congrats to the Winners! Cheryl (SD), Mark (TN), Kimberly (VT), Mickaela (CA), & Thomas (MI)

Hey guys! My favorite time of year has arrived! Merry Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! However, the AJ Blog tour has no vacations, so I bring you the winners of the Goodreads Giveaway and our next blog feature!

Thank you to all the 1,112 people who entered! I wish I could have given you all a copy, but sadly I could only send 5. Signed copies shown in the picture were mailed Dec 21, so they should be delivered soon! (Sorry, Kitty Mina was not included.)

We have a few blog features to get to this week, so lets get started. Liz Delton is a YA Fantasy author who’s written the Arcera Trilogy, and like any writer who loves books, she’s a book blogger as well.

Screen Shot 2016-12-24 at 10.45.30 PM.jpg

In some ways I like to hope Liz is what this blog will look like in another couple of years. She’s loving books, writing and reading, and hasn’t slowed down. Her About Page is really cool because she has a video interview while working with a local library event. I love it when authors get outdoors and work with the community!

We’ve seen a broad array of blogs so far, and Liz’s blog is unique in that it gives a personal touch of an author who puts herself out there. Not only does her blog share what she’s been up to, but she actively attends local events and I truly respect authors who do that. It’s not easy to face an audience, or even crawl out of our favorite reading and writing spot (which is likely a closed environment with an extremely casual dresscode!) Stop by Liz’s blog for a taste of someone who’s “real” and not afraid to show it.

In honor of the AJ Blog tour, Liz was kind enough to offer an honest book review of Fallen to Grace! You can read the full review here. Like many reviews I’ve seen so far, she seemed to enjoy the descriptions offered of the Celestial environment. It sure was fun to create this world, so I’m glad that my hard work on studying appropriate prose for description paid off!

This post is a feature for the AJ December Blog Tour

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