AJ Blog Tour: Double Blog Feature!

To wrap up the blog tour, we have two more blogs to share! This feature is best suited for those interested in finding book review blogs.

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Blog Feature: The Written Word Remains by Kelsie Engen

Today I have one of my favorite indie writers featured for the AJ December Blog Tour: Kelsie Engen. She’s written some great short stories and her blog is a rich playground of book reviews. She’s a tough reviewer, but I think the indie world needs more like her! I’d suggest her blog to anyone looking for critical reviews, and I’d definitely recommend her short stories to those who read literary fiction and fantasy.

She was kind enough to review Fallen to Grace (whole review here). But I’ll cherry-pick some highlights for you:

There were moments of beautiful writing, and no page bored me. I didn’t have to push my way through, even with a slower moving plot, instead, I was drawn on by the characters and words on the page. That’s so much easier said than done, so I applaud A.J. Flowers for having written a book that can accomplish that task.

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Blog Feature: From Ink to Paper by Rachel

Rachel is an avid book reviewer and by avid, I mean seriously avid. I’m impressed by how many books she reviews on a regular basis given that she also has a full-time job and goes to school! Rachel’s a real book lover and her blog is a great place to go for those looking to share interests with Rachel (love crafts and book blogs?) or just looking for a great place to find honest book reviews.

Rachel was kind enough to do a book review for Fallen to Grace (full review here). Highlights below!

It was a fresh take on angels and demons and I liked that. It kept me entertained trying to figure out what was going to happen and was intrigued with how the story came together.


ajf-iconThis is the last post for the AJ December blog tour! I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed getting to meet all these amazing bloggers and have uncovered corners of the internet to meet new people and discover new books. And, of course, I hope you’ve gotten a chance to read the book all these bloggers have been talking about. Thank you to all who’ve supported Fallen to Grace, I couldn’t have done it without you! Have a great new year!

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