Calling Fantasy Authors! Reach more readers. Join this Kindle Fire & $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Kindle Fire Giveaway

I have a few select authors that will be a part of this epic giveaway, but I’d like to extend an offer to bring more into the circle. Authors can accomplish great things alone, and incredible things in groups! I’m looking for Fantasy Authors to be a part of a “big-prize” giveaway.

Prize: Kindle Fire pre-loaded with host authors’ books & $100 Amazon Gift Card

How I can afford this prize: Host authors pitch in $10

What you get:

  • Your Book Featured on with a spotlight post
  • A book review from AJ Flowers (also posted on Goodreads/Amazon)
  • Your Book pre-loaded onto the winner’s Kindle Fire
  • Entrants are encouraged to join your newsletter, follow you on Twitter, and like your Facebook page for extra entries. If you are an advanced participant, entrants will also be able to collect entries by leaving a book review or pre-ordering a book of your choice.

If you’re interested in participating, please fill out this google form.

If you know anyone else who writes fantasy who would be a good fit for the AJ audience, please spread the word! The more authors involved the bigger the prizes can be, and the larger an audience we can reach.

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