Interesting Ways to Commemorate a Successful Book Launch

Whether you finished the first draft of your book in less than 30 days or it took the better part of a year to even get your outline completed, authors have a reason to celebrate when their books come hot off the press. Your agent may invite you out to dinner, but then again, many independently published authors have their own ways of celebrating a successful book launch. There are book inspired tattoos that will make you think of your successful foray into book publishing or make you remember the author that made you want to become a writer yourself. You may also end up quitting your day job after selling a set number of books or decide to travel the world after your book becomes a bestseller. Here is a couple of exceptional ways that you will want to celebrate your successful book launch.


Write It in Permanent Ink

A finished book is a thing of glorious beauty. After all, work has been completed and you can release future editions with new content or even make edits. However, commemorating your book with a permanent tattoo is a move that will forever be lived in the moment. Many people believe that authors are conservative, even if they pen contemporary thrillers, crime novels, or horror trilogies. Your prose may be proper and prim but tattooing the passage of your favorite book will give you something to remember and help you to create a new memory.

Create a Book Inspired Bucket List

Fans of Amy Tan may have a desire to travel to China while readers of the Harry Potter series might really just want to buy memorabilia from the set of their favorite movies. Creating a bucket list of book-inspired places, adventures, and tasks could help you to become motivated enough to get through your next upcoming launch. You may tick things off your bucket list as you get the opportunity or take time between books to go through them all at once. Just remember that bucket lists aren’t just for youthful adventure seekers; they also resonate with avid readers and writers as well.

Begin Work on Your Next Book Release

If a book that you published has caught on like a firestorm, you should think about riding the wave for as long as it lasts. Not all books need a follow-up but when you find that readers are responding positively to your writing style, it is critical that you give them something else to sink their teeth into. Celebrate your success by outlining your next title and doing the research necessary for getting to work on your next book.

Even if your newly released book is only going to be read by family and friends, for now, you have plenty of reasons to be happy about your accomplishment. So, grab a bottle of wine or get a new piercing and let creativity become your new best friend. Inspiration can come in many forms, so get your next book idea from the things that you see every day.

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