The collector in me really enjoyed these fantasy covers.

cover lover collage 1

It’s that time again! Time to highlight some of my favorite fantasy covers!

Last week I focused on recent fantasy covers which blew my mind.  Well, this week I’m going back in time to take a look at some of the artists who captivated my mind in the past!


For much of the 1980s I honestly believed every fantasy worth reading had to have Sweet cover art.  The guy’s work was just that prevalent when a reader looked over the bookshelves.  And while my tastes have changed as I’ve matured, I still appreciate this talented artist’s work and am so glad his images helped draw me into reading fantasy so many decades ago.  Below are a few of my favorites.


For many, many years, this artist was my absolute favorite fantasy cover artist.  Honestly, if a publisher wanted me to pick up their newest release…

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