Author Spotlight: Devyn Jayse

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Today’s Author Spotlight is on Devyn Jayse, one of our incredibly talented host authors for the Kindle Fire 7 & $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway! By leaving a comment on this post, you will receive 1 Bonus Entry. You must enter the Giveaway to receive your 1 Bonus Entry. Enter Giveaway Here

Devyn writes fantasy novels and her book, “A Sword of Fortune and Fate,” is included on the winner’s Kindle. Here’s a look at the blurb:

Noblewoman. Troublemaker. Exile.

I am Lady Dare Valari and I am being hunted.

Exiled from my home at the castle, cut off from family and friends, I fled to the Blights, the last place in the kingdom anyone would run to. In exchange for allowing me to remain in his territory, the dangerous outlaw Blaze has tasked me with guarding his sister, Penny, from unknown attackers.

Now I have to dodge two teams of assassins while also trying to keep Blaze from learning the truth-that the man after me is none other than Prince Jasper, the most powerful man in the kingdom.

With only my sword beside me, I need to find a way to save Penny and myself without revealing all my secrets.

My Review:

Content: 5 Stars
Tone: 5 Stars
Prose: 3 Stars

Total: 4 Stars

I had a lot of fun with this book. It hits a niche that I don’t get to see enough, which is swordplay fantasy combined with young adult genre elements. I enjoyed the characters and the world, especially the “Blights” infested with outlaws and assassins hiding in the shadows. Dare is a strong female lead and I enjoyed her personality. The storyline is linear, which I find a plus in the young adult genre, and makes this an easy and enjoyable read.

I highly recommend “A Sword of Fortune and Fate” for anyone looking for a swordplay fantasy that you won’t be able to put down!

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Here’s how Devyn gains you entries into the Giveaway:

1 Entry: Comment on this post
1 Entry: Join Devyn’s Newsletter
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4 Total Entries! Thank you, Devyn!


Devyn Jayse writes fantasy novels and is the author of the Dare Valari series.

Devyn enjoys travel and has lived in many countries around the globe. She is currently based in the Middle East.

Stay tuned for our next author spotlight with another bonus entry!

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