Author Spotlight: Debbie White

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Today’s Author Spotlight is on Debbie White, one of our incredibly talented host authors for the Kindle Fire 7 & $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway! By leaving a comment on this post, you will receive 1 Bonus Entry. You must enter the Giveaway to receive your 1 Bonus Entry. Enter Giveaway Here

Debbie White is romance author and her book, “Passport to Happiness,” is included on the winner’s Kindle! Here’s a look at the blurb:

Raised by a single parent, Jessica knows first-hand what it’s like to have little money. She often escapes the reality of her circumstances – poor and living in a small town by getting lost in her books about travel. Jessica and her boyfriend, Josh, visit the State Department’s booth during career day at their high school and soon develop a plan that will forever change their lives. The two are accepted as Interns and soon are traveling abroad to many of the places they’d only dreamt about. Jessica couldn’t be happier; however, she learns quickly that plans have a way of changing, and not always for the better.

My Review:

Content: 5 Stars
Tone: 5 Stars
Prose: 4 Stars

Total: 4 Stars

“Passport to Happiness” is a clean and wholesome coming of age story. There’s a unique style to the prose that took some getting used to. “Passport to Happiness” is written as if someone is sitting down with you in a living room with tea and telling you a long story. It was jolting in the way when one reads a past tense novel and shifts to one in present tense. After the first couple of chapters, you get over it. In fact, once I got used to it, it really reminded me of the style I’d see in movies when I was younger like “NeverEnding Story” and the “Princess Bride” where the tale is actually being told by one of the characters. So in that sense, it did fit the tone of this novel given the story is about a girl born in 1956.

As for the story, it was sweet, enjoyable, and entertaining in an educational way. Historical events are seamlessly incorporated and as Jessica, a sweet girl from Texas, travels the world, we get to learn about new places and customs. The romance is touching and the ending gave me happy fuzzies. I don’t read many books that give me happy fuzzies, so that was a refreshing change I didn’t even know I needed!

I highly recommend “Passport to Happiness” for anyone looking for a travel romance!

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Here’s how Debbie gains you entries into the Giveaway:

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4 Total Entries! Thank you, Debbie!

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Stay tuned for our next author spotlight with another bonus entry!

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