New A.J. Release! Daughter of Dragons is Here!

Very exciting surprise for you all today. As you may know, my goal is to publish one book a month. July’s book is “Daughter of Dragons” which is one of my best kept secrets! I ran a poll in my Facebook Fan Group to gauge the interest of new novels I’m working on. The tagline for Daughter of Dragons landed 2nd place, and that was good news for me, because I’d already written it!

When a tattooed motorcycle-riding knight goes to slay a dragon, he didn’t expect Nimrock High’s most popular girl.

If you’d like to know what the first place winner was… rest assured, that series is well under way! You’ll be seeing it from me soon! Meanwhile, please enjoy this awesome new full-length novel!

Daughter of Dragons Facebook Banner.jpg

Lily’s life is perfect—or at least it was. She thought she was in love with Damian Dawson, valedictorian and Nimrock’s shining star. She tells everyone they’re drifting apart because he’s about to go off to college. The truth is she’s turning into a dragon.

As if fangs and creepy visions weren’t bad enough, a knight, James, has come to take her life. He’s everything Damian isn’t: rude, arrogant… and a dangerous kind of sexy. When she discovers his orders come from a deep family feud, she convinces him that he doesn’t have to kill fledgling dragons to protect humanity. She wouldn’t hurt anyone, and she’ll prove it, even if it’s just to herself.

There’s an ominous threat on the horizon, one that smells of burnt flesh tinged with dragonfire. Lily has Seen it. Where she places her trust and her love will determine who will hold her heart, and who will have to die.

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