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Flash Fiction

Welcome to the newly added A.J. Flash Fiction Center! Flash Fiction is a bite-sized story written with 1,000 words or less. Choose which free story you’d like to view below.

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Cover Image : Flash Fiction Anthology Volume 1

Asgard Middle School

Asgard Middle School: Fantasy Flash

Loki is determined to catch a glimpse of Gilly’s magical sketchbook– that is, if he can find an opportunity amidst Asgard Middle School implementing a new diversity program of fairytale studies taught by Greek gods.


Evelyn: Dark Fantasy Flash

Join a firestarter, the last of his kind, on his annual pilgrimage to mourn Evelyn’s suicide.

There is a hidden parallel in this story… can you find it?

The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled: Literary Flash

As runner-up for Mayor, Henry needs Ms. Stinger’s support in his latest project, a newly paved road to town. If only she preferred his road instead of the road less traveled.


Godless: Spiritual Flash

Leslie’s sister is a military wife, and has enough to worry about without her husband going off and finding God. She asks Leslie to take her son to the movies while she tries to figure everything out… except, Leslie’s brother isn’t off in a war trench. He’s found God and he wants to bring her with him before it’s too late.

Fourth Wonder of the Universe

Fourth Wonder of the Universe: Sci-Fi Flash

The crying woman in the crystal throne is the fourth wonder of the universe. You absolutely must visit her at least once, even before you consider the andromeda galaxy, the temporal shift at the edge of space and time, or the super-massive blackhole down past my bio-uncle’s planet. They even say… if you listen closely, you can hear voices of the past inside her head. Leagues of scientists have studied the relic to uncover her mystery. They say anyone who can will learn the secret of the universe.

The Brown-Speckled Finch

The Brown-Speckled Finch: Fantasy Flash

Mom’s beast-magic is all I have left of her. Dad said it made her lose hope, but it’s all the hope I have.

The Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden: Fantasy Flash

Emily has the perfect life, and the perfect garden. Now it’s complete with real life butterflies glittering atop every festive flower. Yet such luxury triggers the realization that life’s just too good, and something, or someone, is out there waiting for her to leave the butterfly garden for good.

an urgent announcementAn Urgent Announcement: Parody Fiction Flash

T.H. (Territory Humanities) have discovered a terrifying disease and are ready to tell you all about it in their Urgent Announcement!

imac-journal-entry-87iMac Journal Entry 87: Flash Fiction

So, apparently your iMac keeps a journal and is very unhappy about snipe bidding. That’s why he shares his woes with the printer. And you thought it jammed by accident, ha! Silly humans.


Merlin’s House Rules: A Squire’s Survival Guide: Humor Flash Fiction

Welcome to Camelot, and congratulations! Being hired as Merlin’s squire is an honorable and well-paid role, and no duty to our king’s wizard is too small, but you wouldn’t have been hired if Merlin thought you wouldn’t fall for at least one of his tricks! Bravery and stupidity have a very fine line. We’re here to help.

Satire Post (584 words)

Satire Post: Warning, Books are Drugs! 

I’ve discovered the most wonderful drug. You must have heard of it. Books, literature, the written word? One taste of “prose” and you’ll be gone for hours, maybe even days, only coming out of your stupor with drool running down your face and a jolt of lucid awareness that’ll have you asking for more.

Should you wish to try this drug, be sure to consult the following list of warnings…

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